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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Book 3 - Revealed

Finally, a bit of news about the third Tom Kirk Novel to share with you.

You'll be pleased to know it has a title! Months of heated negotations with Bruce, my editor, (that's not his real name but it seems more appropriate for a thriller editor than his actual one!) have led us to The Gilded Seal. My original suggestion was The Napoleon Seal, but Harper Collins were worried that this would make it seem too historical?? Not sure I totally agree, but then this is not exactly a million miles away.

This whole title choosing business is bloody tricky. The Double Eagle was easy, but for The Black Sun, I had to submit about forty different alternatives in the end as Harper's sales and marketing gurus couldn't agree about what worked. A good title is, apparently, half the battle. The irony was that The Black Sun was initially rejected, so I simply resubmitted it as a new idea and second time round they loved it. Go figure! Anyway, I'm happy with The Gilded Seal, Bruce is happy, J-Lo (my agent) is happy and most importantly, my mother likes it!

The other half of the battle (beyond the title) is of course the jacket design. And here it is:

The image is a bit blurred here, but I've seen the proper printouts and it looks fantastic. As to what the book's about, well as the cover suggests, it involves Napoleon, the Louvre and the world's most famous painting. I could tell you more, but don't want to give too much away, so here's what the blurb from the back says:

"Seville. Holy Week.
As hooded penitents march their shimmering floats through the cobbled streets, a man runs for his life, determined to keep a secret that has lain hidden for 200 years. When the end finally comes it is slow and agonizing, his attackers crucifying him to a door.

Determined to avenge his friend’s death, former art thief Tom Kirk abandons his enquiry into the theft of a priceless Da Vinci and begins his own investigation into the gruesome murder. The evidence points to Milo, an old rival with a sadistic streak whom Tom discovers is about to commit the most audacious heist in history.

Meanwhile in New York , the stakes have never been higher for Special Agent Jennifer Browne, as her supposedly low-key forgery case threatens to explode into a scandal that strikes at the heart of the global auction business. With the bodies piling up around her and an unscrupulous tabloid reporter dogging her every move, she follows a lead to Paris, where a chance meeting brings her face to face with Tom.

Realising that both cases are connected, Tom and Jennifer find themselves swept into a conspiracy that dates back to Napoleon and survives in a series of coded messages concealed by the Emperor himself. Messages leading to a secret so shattering that some are prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure the truth is never revealed. A secret that lies deep inside the Paris catacombs and amidst the pulsating streets of Havana.

A secret that brings death in its wake."

What do you think? I can't wait to see it on the shelves (not until October I'm afraid) and hearing from you.

Mind you, at the moment publication seems a distant prospect - I'm immersed in full (painful) editing mode. Which reminds me, I need to get on and do some work. The final version needs to be handed in by the end of the month or I'll have Bruce all over me - and believe me, that's the one place you don't want him!

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Plastic Fantastic

I remember reading an interview with JK Rowling a few years ago where she was talking about the merchandising deal she had struck with Warner Bros. Basically, she had insisted of final approval of any Harry Potter products released alongside the movies. To her growing unease, as the release date of the first film loomed, a succession of increasingly tacky items had been sent for her blessing. Eventually, and some might say not unreasonably, she drew the line at a Harry Potter loo seat.

I mention all this not because Paramount are about to flood the market with Double Eagle chocolate coins, but because I received the item pictured on the left through the post the other day.

In case you're wondering, it's a plastic bag advertising the German edition of The Double Eagle which is due to be published by Luebbe this month. God knows what it says though. Hopefully something along the lines of good book, buy it or I'll have to have words. I'm just grateful they didn't opt for the Tom Kirk toilet paper instead!