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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pole vault

I hope you appreciate the title to this week's (very brief) post. A little topical Olympic reference for all you sports fans out there like me (okay, so I'm shallow!) Not that this post has anything to do with pole vaulting as such. At least not pole vaulting of the long bendy stick variety. Or of the straight stick variety (which would probably be a lot more interesting). In fact there are no sticks involved at all. Or vaults, for that matter. In fact, if I'm honest, it's all a bit tenuous.

But the point is (yes there is a point) that earlier this week I got an email from a (non-vaulting) Pole and I thought I would share it with you:

"Hello. I've recently read your book, The Black Sun. And I wanted to share one thought with you. It's about the Amber Room.

I'm a franciscan friar, a Pole. I live now in X, in a Polish friary, in the northern Poland. In our friary 25 years ago lived a famous friar, Andrzej Klimuszko, a clairvoyant. He was able to locate people (or their bodies) from the photographs, could name the desease of the people looking at them, was famous for his knowledge of the herbs of which was preparing the infusions and so on.

And once he was asked about the Amber Room. What he said was a surprise for many - he said that it didn't exist. It was buried totally. So this is what I wanted to tell you. Of course he never saw any documents nor heard about the "russian mistake".

Pax et Bonum
fr. Matt"

I have to say, it's not often that I question the wisdom of
Trekkie Monster, but in this case I think he had it wrong. The internet wasn't made for porn. It was made for random emails from remote Polish friaries peopled by clairvoyants with a knowledge of "the herbs" and the likely last resting place of the Amber Room! A resting place that, in the best mythical tradition, was taken with the unfortunate friar to his grave.



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