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Saturday, 10 October 2009


They say the mark of a good haircut is when you can't tell whether someone has had one or not. Well on that basis, my website has just had the equivalent of a colour and trim by Vidal Sassoon.

There is a scene in Brideshead Revisted, I can't quite remember now which, when Cousin Jasper warns Charles Ryder that he will spend his second year trying to lose all the friends he made in his first. So it was with my website. I stuck in all these pages and features a few years ago that no-one ever really looked at or used and which in the end became a real pain in the a** to maintain. The most recent entry in my "Latest News" section, for example, was a signing at Chorleywood bookshop in 2006... 'Nuff said.

So while the website pretty may look pretty much the same to you, a whole bunch of useless stuff has been lopped off and now things like the mail form actually work. Plus you can stick in your email address to sign up to to get a fresh steaming pile of this blog into your inbox every time I post and there is an entirely new section on soon to be published New York Times #1 bestseller (hey, might as well aim high!) The Geneva Deception. Most importantly, at least from my perspective, editing the site is no longer like cutting a lawn with nail scissors.

The man responsible for my makeover? Rick Siedle. Sign him up quickly before all the Hollywood A-listers start flying him out to do LA for a short back and sides on Oscar night.


Anonymous Emma Dicken said...

I always like a new haircut. Clean, tidy and easy to maintain? Oh yes indeedy!!!

October 11, 2009  

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