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Friday, 25 June 2010

Shamed into action

In the end, it was the shame that broke me. Pure shame.

Six months after my last post, I had almost come to ignore the itching sore that my guilt at not updating my blog had become. Then a journalist researching an article for The Times asked to interview me about my blog - why I had started it, what it was about, what advice I had for other blog writers ...

Advice for other blog writers? Hmm, let's see. Well, I guess they should start with actually writing a blog. Unlike me! Anyway, here I am.

I'm a believer in the broken windows theory of blog writing. That is once you miss a post you need to quickly get back in the saddle or the rot sets in and the whole bloody roof will come down on top of you. I've mixed about 5 different metaphors there but you know what I mean.

So this is me jumping back on the horse - not that anyone had noticed I had even fallen off apart from my mum. This decision has of course nothing to do with me needing to drum up publicity in advance of my forthcoming appearances at the ARCA conference (Art Crime Research Association) on 10 July in Amelia, Italy, and at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival between 23rd and 25th July.

Harrogate has been the scene of many a public humilation over the years and there is the prospect of more of the same this time round! My panel is at 5pm on Saturday the 24th on the subject of Britannia Rules the Page:

From Wilkie Collins to Arthur Conan Doyle, from Agatha Christie to Ian Fleming, from Dorothy L. Sayers to Reginald Hill, the lineage of great crime writing is indisputably British. Isn’t it? Crime’s own English rose NJ Cooper promises to remain impartial as U.S citizen Joseph Finder, Aussie Michael Robotham and Brazilian born Chris Carter make the case for their countries own literary pedigrees. Maintaining a stiff upper lip on behalf of the Brits is James Twining.

In other words, I stand up and everyone else chucks grenades at me for an hour. Never mind a stiff upper lip, I'll need a stiff drink. Give me strength. Or better still, someone feed me a few good gags I can lob back.

Anyway, that is all for another day. For now I leave you with the words of advice I volunteered in my interview for any would-be blogger:

"A blog is for life, not just for Christmas."

How. True.